Client Relation Officer


At Team INTERVAL the role of the CRO is to work with Operations Department in order to assist with the needs of clients. The CRO should provide response and feedback to customer concerns as well as address their problems/. The CRO is responsible for a wide range activity which influence the entire service quality of INTERVAL


  • Review and evaluation of Assessment reports
  • Communicating with parents and confirming the status of admissions
  • Trainers search and allocation
  • Coordinating activities with Operations Growth Associate and Area Sales Officer
  • Calculation and collection of Admission fees and tuition fees
  • Addressing issues of trainers and parents
  • Ensure proper calculation and timely payment of trainer’s fees.
  • Reporting day-to-day activities to CRM
  • Attendance tracking and updating
  • Proper monitoring of trainers.
  • Ensuring that trainers, as well as parents, are complying with terms and conditions of interval.
  • Trainers’ evaluation and analysis of training needs.
  • Proper management of student’s and trainer’s data.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any stream under a recognized university.
  • Relevant work experience: 0-2 years as Customer relationship Executive.
  • Proficient with computer spreadsheets and Microsoft office products.
  • able to remain calm in frustrating situations.
  • Superior customer service skills.
  • Ability to resolve problems related to business and everyday situations.
  • Desire to enhance the customer experience.
  • Strong communication, language, and writing skills.