What is ECPC?

ECPC course is a comprehensive course that teaches the early childhood teaching methods and effective techniques required to teach children at the Pre-primary level. The training will impart teaching skills in a scientific manner that will enable potential teachers to transform themselves into expert educators. ECPC gives knowledge about the features of pre-primary and Montessori methods of teaching and additionally learn about the various method of effective classroom management through online.

Why should one join ECPC COURSE IN INTERVAL?

Today’s children are being raised in a highly competitive and complex environment. Hence we need professionally trained teachers who not only convey academic skills but also take care of the emotional well-being of the child. The training course often includes several effective teaching techniques and practical methods that will make the child face today’s classroom with confidence.

Our Specialities:

ECPC training course enables one to attain a teacher’s post in Interval. It also enables one to become a course coordinator, and various other administrative or teaching positions that are available in the INTERVAL.

The curriculum of the course

The curriculum of the ECPC teacher training course is designed to train aspiring teachers who can cherish the mental and physical features of the children in their formative years.

Theory part :

  1. Methods of teaching.
  2. School management and administration.
  3. health and nutrition.
  4. Child psychology.
  5. Communicative English.
Practical part :
  1. exercises of practical life (EPL) area.
  2. sensorial area.
  3. Language area.
  4. Arithmetic and logic area.