Want To Become a Tutor?

Teaching and training is one such profession with all its dignity and integrity. Many often found interest in teaching because of the strength it has. Sharing knowledge is an incredible thing that enhances the knowledge on both sides. That’s how Interval got into its journey. Established with the vision of breaking and bringing a change in the conventional method of teaching.

Interval is looking for a promising tutor who can easily work from the comfort of their own home. If you are someone who can handle the students on screen, engage them with both academics and non-academic works, help them with the right guidance and support, having a high enthusiasm for molding a generation then here is the right spot for you.

Tutor At Interval

Interval is an individual tuition concept that works under the motto ‘A teacher for a student’ So what exactly we are looking for is a right candidate

  • Who is a graduate in any degree
  • Who is good and profound at teaching kids in a very engaging way
  • Who can withstand the integrity of Interval
  • And a required Internet connection.
  • Should have excellent English communication skills
  • Good at monitoring students of distinct learning degrees.
  • Should know the basic tools of online teaching

Levels Of Qualifying As A Tutor

First Round

I- TET (Interval – Trainer Eligibility Test): to test your basic level of knowledge

Second Round

Demo video testing. Evaluation of teaching videos of candidates longer than 3

Third Round

It is based on your teaching skill, subject knowledge, and other teaching tools for online classes (like a whiteboard, or on-screen sharing).


Before directly getting qualified for the Interval trainer post, you may undergo several tests  including written and oral, to check your communication and your status of knowledge. You may have several training programs following it with some highly profound educators and instructors.

You should keep up your integrity with the standard of Interval community and should be a very dedicated trainer for the student who you may find manageable and not manageable at the same time. You should be well aware of the online platform and should have a high degree of knowledge in using online tools and utilizing the platform so effectively for the students.

Online tutoring

with the advent of the internet and other platforms, teaching has become effortless now. Platforms such as Google meet, Zoom, and Teach mint have got their honor for becoming the best online affirms for students to learn in the comfort of their own homes. Here Interval looks for candidates who can primarily manage kids via an online platform.

Work from Home

All you need is an adequate internet connection and a perfect spot to train the kids. You can work from your own home without steeping to schools physically. You should be vigilant and attentive. You should make proper tests and assessments for your student

Training and molding

Interval delivers the best opportunity for teaching enthusiasts. You are free enough to bring changes in the students and mold them.

Learning is Fun with Us

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