What is Comercio?

Commerce is a social science associated with trade and aids to trade, involving distribution and exchanges. Trade is the exchange of goods and services (buying and selling) with the aim of making a profit. Aids to trade mean the services that facilitate trade. Eg: transport, communication, warehousing, banking, advertising, and insurance, etc.

Commerce as a stream of education can be defined as the study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to the final consumer. The Commerce stream is a stepping stone for a candidate to build a strong foundation for their career. The commerce stream in classes 11 and 12 includes various subjects. The main subjects are:

  • Accountancy : This subject includes measuring, processing, and communicating the crucial data of a firm. This subject also includes analysis as well as calculating the results of the economic activities of an organization.
  • Economics : Economics is one of the most interesting subjects, as it offers a detailed study about how the economy in national and international markets work.

Comercio aims to provide a basic idea about commerce stream, especially the core subject of commerce (Accountancy, Economics) to the students, those who completed their tenth and opted to study commerce in higher secondary. This course mainly focuses to make awareness about the commerce stream that is unfamiliar to the students and is designed as a Bridge course for commerce. The course includes some basic terminologies, basic calculations, and some important topics used in the commerce stream. Hoping that we can effectively teach this course in twenty days.


  • Providing an idea about Commerce Subject.
  • Introduce the basics of the core subject of commerce.
  • Present important terminologies used in Commerce.
  • Familiarize basic calculations in commerce.
  • Exams

Plus one Commerce

  • Accountancy :
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Basic terms in Accounting
    • Transaction – recording
  • Economics :
    • Introduction to Economics
    • Basic terms in Economics

Duration : 20 days (18 classes and 2 Exams)