Online Tuition & Online Learning Classes

The Internet has conquered all spheres of our lives, so it does not come as a surprise that Online tuition has been widely accepted and is being practised between students and teachers alike. The pandemic situation has added to its increase. We have come so far when it comes to the involvement of technology and development for the betterment of education. Today students don’t have to carry heavy bags, walk to schools or search in libraries. Everything is available atour fingertip. The internet is the one place where everything and anything is available. With Online tuitions, students can now learn from their homes and don’t have to spend another hour travelling back and forth from schools to tuition and homes. Today technology and schools are interconnected and it has turned into an unavoidable resource for the education system. One big advantage of this is that it expands beyond school learning. Studies have pointedthat instructional technology like online educational portals is gaining popularity all over, and online services help beyond simply instructing a child. Online tutoring at INTERVAL combines effective features of the traditional teaching-learning experience, but we also deepen the understanding of the child with the help of research-based resources, well trained qualified tutors, supplemental activities and engagements that strengthen the students understanding, and personalised study plans to meet the child’s needs.

Over the past decade or so there has been a major scale-up in the online education system. At Interval we constantly keep the faith and try to emerge as an effective tool to support a child’s educational achievements and needs. We began with the sole aim to make a difference and give children a break from the monotonous spoon-feeding system, by making their school education much better and more fun. INTERVAL takes a step into the future by introducing a futuristic form of learning through modern technology available at your disposal and the productive engagement of students. We provide classes for KG-12th standard CBSE and Kerala syllabus students. Along with these we also provide other interesting courses on language speaking, entrance exam coaching, foundation course and many other courses which you will find very effective and easy to comprehend.

Here, we shall discuss some questions that parents and students often have in their minds like how does online tuition work, is it useful, how to begin online tuition classes, what are the pros and cons of taking online tuition class. Strategies that offer online services may be able to provide benefits beyond just instructional support. Over the years, online tuition has resulted in reasonable achievements in mathematics and science students. The gains were seen only in subjects for which students received tutoring, including problems with non-tutored subjects as control items in their analyses. Also, online learning is a more affordable option, as you’ll receive a high-quality education at a much lower cost due to the lower overhead expense needed to operate these programs. Not only does tuition tend to be lower than the traditional concept, but it also excludes any additional expenses, such as transportation costs and course materials expenses.

Why Online Tuition from Home Sound Appealing?

At INTERVAL Tuition is provided by highly qualified and vetted tutors as regular one-to-one tuition which has no geographic limitations and both the parties do not have to spend valuable time travelling to destinations. Children these days are increasingly using online learning within schools and university. Becoming familiar with these tool of learning is very useful training for their future.Also, it is an obvious fact that Online tutoring can be provided at a lower cost than face-to-face tuition. From the trouble of balancing their school loads, extracurriculars, sports, tuition and everything, the students are left with very little time of their own. So, Online tuition is a big lifesaver for such student. Everything is flexible here.

Mobile learning has adapted virtual environments almost into a classroom set-up. Online feedback and innovative technologies that take on a modern approach to learning have made the students interested in the new culture. Several tutors had to travel widely in their academic careers to take tuitions before, this causes gaps in regular face-to-face tuitions, which online sessions can overcome. This helps to build strong relationships to be maintained between student and tutor. Our goal is to provide your child with the best possible Online education that they will get on this platform.

Motivated Student

Being able to learn has a lot to do with the student wanting to learn. Only a self-motivated child will completely understand a concept while in class. What we seek is the full attention of our student. At Interval we ensure our students are always motivated to study. Audio visual and interactive materials make it interesting, but this is not the only reason. We provide counselling and engage our students in diff co-curricular activities which will help to boost their energy and involvement. Our students can interact with the material when they are freshest and most productive. This way they will be able to remember the chapters more effectively. Instant grading tools are enabled on our site which will instil a competitive urge in the student to excel in class

Availability and Flexibility

The main reason why online education is easy and big-time saver is because of its flexibility. When students enrol in our classes they can access materials and submit assignments on their own time. Also, our tutors are available according to our clients time, so the students are free to set their classes accordingly. This could also save them some extra time to take other classes.Rather than having to show up to a class as a requirement, students can listen to classes that they feel like learning. It would result in better learning as an effective result. It will give them a sense of responsibility which is very good for their identity formation. The flexibility of online learning allows students to grasp concepts and ensure full comprehension of lessons before moving further. A good grade is a promise.

Less Pressure Atmosphere.

We began this journey to make it easy, not more complicated. So you don’t have to worry about academic stress at all. We plan a personalised well-scheduled timetable for each of our student. Online Education is the most stress-free and promising way to educate children as an alternative to traditional teaching. While in a physical atmosphere the student may feel strained to answer or to face the teacher. We believe that one needs a passion for what they learn. We are here to instil that love in the hearts of our students.Our tutors are well trained and they know how to perfectly handle children both offline and online. After all, ours is a One-to-One teaching method. We are all about making it easy and comprehensible for your child.

Assessing Materials

Our scholarly materials are available 24/7. Students can access re-watch recorded lectures, repeat exercises, discuss online among peers. They can learn at their pace. Students who are struggling in particular subjects will be given special attention to the required area. There might be also part-time students, working students, people who are juggling between their work life and school completion. INTERVAL is such a relief for these people as anyone can access our classes from anywhere. They don’t have to be physically present to attend classes. Our Online classes are one of the most preferred and trusted online tutoring agency, where the students can listen to recorded video lessons, take part in interactive quizzes, revise and practise the concepts at any hour and where excellent grade is ensured.

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