Academic Courses

What is an Academic course?

The academic course is specially designed to provide one-to-one training in Academics for students of grade 1 to Grade 12 to make effective progression and improvement in their academics. It focuses on offering quality education in the specified subjects if the ward appears to be weak and unstable in a particular subject. It is thus structured in a specified
academic calendar with productive worksheets and examinations. The course promises one-to-one training, live doubt solving, career guidance, personal mentoring, counseling sessions, weekly evaluation, chapter-wise worksheet providence, and exams which all would make a long-lasting effect and an overall improvement in the academic performance, confidence,language skill, etc.

Features :
  • One to one Teaching
  • Classes are based on the academic calendar
  • Live doubt solving
  • Personal Mentor
  • Career Guidance
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Weekly Evaluation
  • Provide Chapter-wise Worksheets
  • Conduct Exams
Benefits :
  • Improves Academic performance
  • Smart teaching by a skilled teacher
  • Improve confidence
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Improve language skills
  • Course certificates
  • Continues evaluation of Student
  • Complete the portion based on Academic Calendar
Courses in Academics

Provide long-term and single subject long-term courses for State (EM \ MM) and CBSE syllabus up to Class 12.

Long term

Diligent Crash Course

  • 60 Sessions
  • This course plan is basically a crash course in which only the important questions and worksheets from chapters are covered

Condensed Class Room Programme

  • 90 Sessions
  • In this 90 session course plan apart from 60 session course,important topics from every chapter are covered. This plan opts before 4 months of Annual Exams

Special Class Room Programme

  • 120 Sessions
  • The 120 session course plan is mainly designed for an average student. Apart from 90 session course, a complete chapter discussion will be held in this plan.

Foundation Integrated Academics

  • 150 sessions
  • The 150 session course plan is designed for below-average students. In this plan, more time will be available for chapter discussion. A mega test will be provided for those who opted for this plan. Since more time is available many tips related to subjects can be provided to the students.
Single-subject long term

Condensed Programme

  • For average Students

Intesensed Programme

  • For Below average Students


Provide long term and single subject long term courses for HSS

Intesensed Programme

  • 150 Sessions
  • 180 Sessions

Single-subject long term

  • Condensed Programme : For average Students
  • Interested Programme : For Below average Students